Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kickstarter Of The Month: NoFlo Development Environment

Here at The Gadget Addicts, we love gadgets. Obvious isn't it? We also love the internet, we love building things but we hate coding. 

Coding is the bane of most geek's existence. Even those who are employed as developers in some form or other hate coding. It's time consuming, painful and if you're learning, it can be an utter pain in the arse. There's nothing worse than spending hours or even days on a piece of code, finding out that it doesn't work properly and hunting through thousands of lines of code only to see that you've missed off a solitary } that has caused the whole thing to break.

This month's Kickstarter of the month aims to throw the concept of coding out the window. I present to you;

NoFlo Development Environment

Developed by The Grid, NoFlo allows you to code Javascript in a lovely, flow based UI. Much in the same way Pega PRPC or Informatica PowerCenter allowed you to build complex UI programs or automatic database functions using flows, NoFlo takes the pain away from development.

Check out their video and have a look at what they are trying to achieve. It makes the developer in me oddly happy.

At the time of writing, NoFlo was just about 3/4s of the way to being funded with 35 days to go. Please back this campaign and help them meet their stretch goals. NoFlo has the potential to simplify the development process worldwide and allow even bedroom coders to create some fantastic apps in absolutely no time.


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