Friday, 16 August 2013

New iPhone Announcement in September?

Rumours are flying around the Internet that the next iPhone (5S? 6?) is going to be revealed at an Apple press event on the 10th of September.

At present, it's just rumours as Apple hasn't issued invites to any event on that day. However, given their past behaviour on such things its a strong possibility.

Apple have frequently revealed iPhone and iPod releases on the second Tuesday in September. There was no iPhone announcement at WWDC in June so logically this would sense.

Also, Apple has just seeded the 6th developer beta of iOS 7, so based on previous experience this would give credence the to the possibility that the new OS is close to release, which typically happens the week of, or the week before a new iPhone is released.

So while it's not set in stone yet (and won't be until Apple release press accreditation), it's looking very likely.

So what can we expect from the next iPhone?

Well, we definitely know it'll be running the completely revamped iOS7, which to be honest, I'm very excited for. iOS hasn't really changed much in its overall look since the first iPhone. Sure there's been incremental updates, but the look and feel has remained largely the same since 2007. But this is an obvious inclusion.

The rumour mill around potential features has been going ballistic of late. People have surmised that the next iPhone could contain a fingerprint reader, controls on the rear of the device (unlikely), a gold version of it (I hope that doesn't happen), a cut price version with a plastic shell as well of a host of other outlandish suggestions.

Personally, I reckon we'll get the requisite camera improvements, better signal processing and improvements to the finish so it doesn't chip so easily. The big part of the new iPhone will be iOS7, so I can't imagine there'll be an amazing amount of hardware changes. Though I'll be very happy if I'm proved wrong.

It's only a few weeks till September 10th, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll keep you all updated, because I'm nice like that.


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