Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dark Souls II Release Date Announced

At the Tokyo Game Show, From Software has announced the release date for the hotly anticipated Dark Souls II.

For the US, the game will be available on March 11th and in the UK/EU it'll be out a few days later on March 14th.

From also announced two special edition bundles for the game. The first of which is the "Black Armour Edition" which comes in a steel book case and features a bonus CD with the game's original orchestral soundtrack.

The major announcement is the Collector's Edition, which I'm very interested in. The Collector's Edition comes with:

- A 12inch statue of the "Warrior Knight"
- Original Art book
- A cloth map of the game world
- Original sound track
- A steel book case

From Software also announced that the game will be coming for the PC too, though it'll be after the console release as FromSoft are keen not to repeat the slight missteps of the PC release of the original Dark Souls.

Don't forget as well, if you're in the EU and you own a PS3, you can register for the Dark Souls II beta test that is due to kick off in October.

It's a good time to be a Souls fan


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