Wednesday, 11 September 2013

GTAV Map Leaks

If you're avoiding any spoilers for GTAV, then look away right now.

The map for GTAV has leaked a week early. From the images provided it appears like someone has received the official strategy guide for the game early and has taken it upon themselves to show us all where we will be playing for the foreseeable future.

To give an indication of scale, someone else has overlaid the map from GTAIV over the image. The already-pretty- big Liberty City is completely dwarfed by Los Santos and it's surrounding areas. This game is going to be absolutely massive.

GTAV is released in the UK on September 17th. Check back with The Gadget Addicts for playthrough videos and reviews next week. We'll be hitting up a midnight launch of the game and bringing you loads of new content for what stands to be the last massive hurrah for this generation

In fact, in preparation, subscribe to our Youtube channel so you're ready for the deluge of content we'll be unleashing:


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