Thursday, 5 September 2013

Kickstarter Of The Month: Nidus Gaming Centre Newcastle

So, after the success of NoFlo last month, for September we have a brand new kickstarter campaign to look at. This one is so close to home for me, I couldn't not get involved.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Nidus Gaming Centre!

The concept around this is fantastic. Essentially, the brains behind this operation want to open a dedicated space for gaming in Newcastle Upon Tyne (where I'm from, incidentally). It is designed to be a safe, unisex space where people can go to play games, hang out with each other and generally be around other gamers.

There will be PCs and consoles, private gaming booths, areas for board games, plenty of tournaments and competitions all housed within a solid community of gamers.

What has attracted me most to this concept is not just that it's in Newcastle, but it's also something Newcastle desperately needs. There have been LAN arenas and gaming hubs in the past, but traditionally they are little more than people sitting with headphones on, playing World Of Warcraft, there's no community, no interaction. The aims of the three founders are to get a proper community going where people are coming not only to game, but to socialise and have fun.

This campaign runs until the 1st of October and they are asking for £44.500. At the time of writing they're at £1,067, so they need our help. I've backed this campaign, you all should too. You can pledge using the widget below the video:


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