Monday, 16 September 2013

The Last Of Us Playthrough

Good morning all. It's 2:20am and I have just completed my first hour of GTAV.

While I'm in the process of editing and uploading it, I thought I should let all of you who aren't aware know that I finished my playthrough of The Last Of Us.

For those of you who missed what I was doing, The Last Of Us is one of my favourite games of this generation. It's a spectacular game full of action, violence and some of the most emotionally charged cut scenes I've ever seen in a game.

Over the space of 13 hours and 18 parts, I've played through the game in it's entirety for you, showing you as much as I know about it, tactics, solutions and routes through the game.

I've even gone as far as creating a handy playlist for you all to view the lot in one, 13 hour shot (should you want to). Check it out here and please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like what I'm doing

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for Grand Theft Auto 5 content coming as soon as my internet connection will allow


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