Friday, 30 August 2013

Apple Introduce iPhone Trade In Scheme

Apple has introduced a trade in initiative in its US retail stores.

Simply enough, take in your old iPhone and an Apple Pip (my name for those who work in the stores) will check your phone out, then issue you with a voucher/gift card at a set value. This must then be used immediately towards the purchase of a new iPhone.

The amount you get for your old phone is based on the model, capacity and condition of the unit.

The timing of this couldn't be more significant as we're now only a week and a half away from the 10th of September, the much rumoured date that the iPhone 5S and supposed 5C are to be revealed.

Other rumours that are kicking about are that the new iPhone(s) are to be available for purchase on the 20th of September in the traditional first wave countries (US, UK, Europe etc), which follows the previous pattern of an iPhone being available 2 to 3 Fridays after its announcement.

The rumour is backed up by information that T-Mobile US and AT&T have stopped holidays for a period starting on the 20th of September. Networks only do this when there is a huge release coming and they need to have all hands on deck to make sure they have enough staff to cover the demand.

Having worked at T-Mobile UK across two iPhone launch dates (4 and 4S), it's pandemonium on the phones, so it's a very sensible stance to take. 

More information as I get it


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