Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nintendo Announces 2DS

In a rather unexpected move, Nintendo have announced a low cost alternative to the 3DS... The 2DS

Taking the processing power of the 3DS but losing the glasses-free 3D screen, the 2DS is cutting costs and presenting a cheaper alternative for the upcoming Christmas season.

It's worth remembering that all 3DS games can already be played in 2D and none of them actually rely on the 3D effect for their gameplay, 3D is just an enhancement.

The 2DS also benefits from a back catalogue of around 2000 DS games as well as all the current gen hitmakers.

In an even more unusual move, the 2DS loses the clamshell form factor that the DS range has used for the last 9 years or so. This unit is an unusual wedge shape, with everything flat on the face. 

For me, this is a strange prospect. I'm not sure that the market needed this, but as well as a price cut to the Wii U, Nintendo are clearly aiming to get some new customers ahead of the next-gen rush just before Christmas. It remains to be seen how successful a move this will be


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