Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dark Souls 2 Beta registration is open

Preparing to prepare to die

Praise the sun! From Software have opened applications for a close beta of fantasy kill-em-up RPG Dark Souls 2.

PS3 owners (sorry Xboxers) can register for the beta by downloading a registration ticket from the Playstation Store. Registration is free , but downloading the ticket doesn't guarantee that you'll get access.

There are two beta phases planned, the first kicking off on October 12th, with the second starting on October 27th.

From Software haven't confirmed what is going to be in the beta yet, whether we'll be a seeing a chunk of the full game, whether it'll be the demo that was presented at E3 or whether it will be something exclusive to the beta.

We've signed up for the beta, so if we get access, you know that we'll be covering it in depth. Read about why Dark Souls 2 will ruin your life and why that's a good thing:

Dark Souls 2 is out in March 2014. Look out for exhaustive playthrough videos, articles and much swearing...


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