Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Xbox One Release Date Revealed

Microsoft have finally confirmed that the Xbox One will be released on 22nd of November in North America, the UK and about 11 other territories.

This places the Xbone release a week behind the PS4 in the states but a week ahead of its European release date. Make of that what you will.

Microsoft has also confirmed that it has made a number of Xbox One Day One edition consoles available for preorder after stock had sold out. The Day One edition comes with a free digital copy of FIFA 14 in Europe.

As has been previously reported, the Xbox One will retail for £429 in the UK from launch. Preorders are getting thin on the ground and merchants such as Game and Amazon are no longer guaranteeing standard edition consoles for the launch day. A Day One edition preorder will be guaranteed for launch day but new pre orders of the standard edition console aren't held to the same date.

So the battle lines have been drawn for the end of November. Which are you more excited for? The PS4 or the Xbox One? Make yourself heard in the comments below.


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